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US to switch power production from fossil fuels


Fred Ojiegbe

World’s largest economy, the United States of America, has activated policy measures to drastically cut on consumption of oil, gas and coal for electricity production. Target is to generate 80 percent of the country’s electricity from green sources.

Offhore oil production platform

Oracle Intelligence gathered that the new administration of President Joe Biden which is working on infrastructure bill has plans to build clean energy standard into the legislation. The plan would have the United States switch 80 percent of its electricity generation to renewable energy options.

The 100 percent rise in renewable power generation from current 40 percent would significantly impact on the country’s demand for gas which fires major portions of the country’s total power generation. Nuclear energy might fill the remaining generation gap.

The programme would come with a huge connectivity budget to ring-fence numerous renewable electricity stations in the 50 states of the country, even though the states are majorly independent in energy policies and programmes.

If the nation is to meet President Joe Biden’s goal of cutting America’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of the decade, it will have to undertake a vast transformation toward renewable energy.

And a broad network of transmission lines and utility-scale storage batteries will have to be built to carry solar and wind power across the continent to deliver electricity to homes and businesses by 2035.

Oracle Intelligence reports that the programme will ultimately translate to acute decline in gas consumption in the United States and entail increased gas export to increasingly turgid market where larger energy transition from fossil fuels portend demand destruction.

Already, Europe has fixed 2040 as deadline for major energy shit that would exit the continent’s transportation sector demand from petroleum fired combustion engines to electric powered propulsion vehicles.

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