South-East is being short-changed, we need an extra state-Sen.Ekweremadu



Deputy Senate President_Ekweremadu

Senator Ike Ekweremadu,  representing Enugu-West, has called for an extra state for the South-East zone of the country  to “enable us to match with the rest of the country in terms of opportunities and National Assembly”.

Out of the six geopolitical zones in the country is the only zone that has five states as against six and seven in other zones.

Ekweremadu who  spoke in during a town hall meeting in Enugu state on Saturday said  the South-East region has the lowest number of states of all geopolitical zones in the country, and consequently, fewer legislators at the National Assembly.


The former Deputy President of the Senate criticised the “lopsided” ratio, saying the geopolitical zone is being “short-changed”.

He said the numerical disadvantage affects the region in voting and resource distribution at the national assembly, adding that creating a new south-east state is the “fair thing to do”.

“The number in the National Assembly is lopsided, because of the way the states were created,” he said.

“Right now, the South-East has just five states while others have six and seven. With the senate, we have just fifteen lawmakers, while some have 18 and some 21.

“So when it comes to voting and resource distribution, we are short-changed. If you go to the House of Representatives, it’s a similar thing.

“I believe that the fair thing to do is for the country to agree for us to have an extra state for the south-east. So that will enable us to match with the rest of the country in terms of opportunities and national assembly,” said Ekweremadu who is also a governorship aspirant for Enugu State.