PDP : Wike replies Obaseki


Gov. Nyesom Wike replies Obaseki at the commissioning of community secondary school, Omuanwa, in Ikwerre LGA.

“Dr. Abiye Sekibo called me and told me not to reply Obaseki, but I said no. I will reply him, I’m a politician”

“Obaseki said I’m a bully, but he came to beg a bully for ticket, a bully was his campaign DG, and a bully bullied him into Edo state government house”

“It didn’t end there, he still came back with his wife to thank the bully after the election”

“I slept in Edo State for three days just to deliver Obaseki, but today, I’m a bully”

“If you check the DNA of Obaseki, what you’ll see is betrayal, serial betrayal and ungratefulness”

“He said I threatened PDP, assuming without conceding that I threatened PDP, I have every right to do so, I have invested in the party. Rivers State has invested in the party”

“Rivers State is one of the few states that has voted PDP since 1999, we have invested in the party”

“You’re a tenant in PDP, I have more stake in PDP than you”

“You said I’m causing crisis in Edo state, I have capacity, that is why I’m causing crisis.

I challenge you to come and cause crisis in Rivers state, then you’ll know who is who”

“Obaseki, I know your cohorts, I will smoke all of you out”

Obaseki, I challenge you to defect back to the APC, we’ll shave your head”

 “I know those using you,* if I decide to run for President, I will win all of you”

“Obaseki, melembe melembe”

“The game has started, I will make you loose weight”

Gov. Nyesom Wike

Monday, March 14, 2022.