2023: Group picks PDP presidential ticket for Obi


…says he will steer the country the way he did in Anambra

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Former Anambra State governor, Mr. Peter Obi has joined the race for the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The form was obtained for him by a group, Like Minds for Peter Obi, which expressed the belief that Obi will steer the country the same way he ran Anambra State when he was governor.

According to a statement from his media office the Leader of the group, Ekene Nwakuche who spoke after obtaining the form, said  Obi has the wealth of experience to lead Nigeria to the promised land.

“We are not in this thing because of any gain. We are doing it because of our children to come, because if we don’t get it right this time around, this 2023, I don’t know where we will be.

“Each and every one of us here know how the country is and we want a better Nigeria. And I believe that if you are from Nigeria, be it from the North, South, East, West, and you know, you want a better Nigeria, I don’t think there is any other person that you will support than Peter Obi,” Nwakuche stated.

He urged PDP delegates in the May presidential primary, to choose Peter Obi as the party’s candidate, adding “if PDP gets it right and pick Peter as its candidate, we know that we will deliver Nigeria to you.”

According to him, one of the groups ‘Take Back Nigeria’, promised to deliver 10 million votes to PDP if Obi becomes its presidential candidate.

“The Nigerian dream we are all looking for can be achievable, and the only person that we believe that can give us the Nigerian dream is no other person than His Excellency, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi,” he said.

Nwakuche explained that the group is nonpartisan, adding that they bought PDP nomination form because Obi is a member of the party.

“We are just a group of young Nigeria professionals that feels that the way the country is going, the country is not going in the right direction, and we need someone, a technocrat, a seasoned technocrat that can steer the affairs of the country in the right direction, and cut down the cost of governance.

“We believe that if we cut down the cost of governance, the country would move in the right direction.